• Dr. Karyn Gordon

    Founder & CEO, DK Leadership
    Leadership & Relationship Expert

    “If you want to be successful, professionally & personally, research proves there is nothing more essential than developing your Emotional Intelligence!

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  • Driving Organizational Engagement:

    Online Emotional Intelligence Training Program
    Keynote Speaking
    Executive Coaching

  • Driving Family Engagement:

    Leadership & Career Events
    Keynote Speaking
    Marriage & Family Coaching (Phone / Skype/ In-Person)


  • Learn To Use

    Emotional Intelligence To Achieve Your Goals Fast

    In Business And In Life

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Drive Organizational Engagement

A customized Emotional Intelligence training program. Top HR professionals use this online platform to increase employee engagement, improve retention and build energized cultures. Learn More



Learn Success From The Best

An inspiring TV & podcast series featuring Dr. Karyn’s exclusive interviews with industry leaders (CEOs, entrepreneurs, pro athletes and more!) on essential skills and lessons learned throughout their journey towards success. Coming Soon!


Success Minute

Drive Family Engagement

An insightful FREE monthly 1-minute video series (thanks to Maple Leaf Foods), designed to help families in Making Meals Meaningful by discussing Emotional Intelligence & engagement topics in a family-friendly format towards success. Learn More


What’s New?

Free Resources & Upcoming Events

Our Purpose

Welcome! My name is Dr. Karyn, and I’m the Founder &  CEO of DK Leadership. Our purpose as an organization is to help people reach their full potential!

Over the past 20 years, my team and I have successfully coached hundreds of organizations around the world. We’ve taught Fortune 500 companies, governments, non-profits, educational organizations and family businesses how to achieve their goals. We’ve also worked with hundreds of families to help them with their relationships, confidence, emotional goals and career direction.

Whether we’re working with organizations or families, our expertise is in driving success through Emotional Intelligence. We do this by offering customized coaching and online training programs.

We call our unique approach Success Intelligence – because it’s one of the best ways for our clients to reach their goals, improve cultures and increase their performance.

If you have studied research on Emotional Intelligence, you know that it is the key ingredient for driving full engagement. But if you are like most people, you’re still not sure about:

  • What it is, (we teach this!)
  • How it impacts performance, (this too!)
  • How to measure it, (yes, we do this)
  • Or most importantly – how to build it!

This is what we are great at!

No matter what your definition of success may be, Success Intelligence is our key method to help you reach it.

Ready to begin?

Our Impact

For us, the greatest satisfaction is seeing our clients reach their goals through the programs that we offer. Our work has impacted…

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More people are learning about Success Intelligence thanks to Dr. Karyn’s role as the
Resident Relationship Expert for the international TV show – Cityline.

Dr. Karyn also makes regular appearances on Good Morning America and Breakfast Television, and consults for the New York Times, Forbes, and many other top organizations.

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Employing from 10 to 70,000 motivated staff members eager to take their work to the next level.

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Including Accounting, Health, Advertising, Auto, Real Estate, Construction, Consumer Products, Computing, IT, Consulting, Manufacturing, Insurance, Education, Retail, Public Relations, Legal, Engineering and more!

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Across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Our Values

Whether we’re serving our valued clients or working internally with our DK Leadership team, our values are at the heart of what we do:

  • Be Passionate
  • Be Inspiring
  • Be Entrepreneurial & Future-Focused
  • Be Solution-Oriented

By working together at the highest level, we’re able to inspire success in our clients – using Emotional Intelligence to achieve client goals. Whether it’s increasing engagement, improving retention or building energized cultures – we lead by example to ensure that you get the best possible results from our programs and services.