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For many of us when we think of “summer”, it’s with a feeling of excitement and joy. We think about relaxation and rejuvenation, swimming, biking, travelling, connecting with family / friends, and having nothing on our “to-do list”.

According to research from Harvard, 50% of employees who work more than 50 hours per week do not use all or most of their paid vacation days.

But unfortunately for many others, thinking of summertime actually raises their stress levels.  There is actually a name for this and it’s called “Summer Stress Syndrome”, in which many people don’t know how to relax when they are not being productive. Others feel stress about spending more time with their immediate or extended family – it’s easier to hide at the office than to face the reality of relationships that are unhealthy or not going well. Many people also feel stressed by how much their “summer plans” (traveling / kids camps / extra daycare) are going to cost them.

So how can we take the stress out of summer and maximize this precious time? Below are 3 simple tips that I hope you will find helpful. If you need more ideas, I also encourage you to watch my recorded TV segment on “Cityline”(North America’s longest running talk-show) for some more tips:

Tip #1: Know Why Refueling Is Important

I’m convinced that when we need to make changes in our life we need to start with answering WHY! When we understand WHY, the HOW becomes much easier. Relaxing is important because it refuels us, and this is critical for anyone who wants to perform at a high level in any area of their life, both at work and at home. If we constantly push, push, push without refueling – we are at risk of burning out.  It’s healthy for us mentally, physically and emotionally to “give ourselves permission” to disconnect and refuel so that we can then return to our tasks and responsibilities more efficiently.

I have tested this on myself many times and I am a firm believer in this concept! When I assess my efficiency at work before a holiday, then take time off to refuel, time and time again I return to the office and see that my focus, creativity & productivity have MASSIVELY improved!  And the bonus is that because I am fully recharged, my emotional mood at home is much more relaxed (just ask my family!) – It’s a solid win/win!

Tip #2: Aim To Enjoy BEING With Your Family

Let’s be honest – I’m a doer. I love having a ‘to-do list’, and being productive while checking items off my list gives me such a great feeling of satisfaction.  But I’ve learned many lessons from being a mother – and one of my favourites is the power of JUST BEING PRESENT!  I often catch myself applying my default ‘productive mind-set’ when I’m at home, and while it’s great to get things done, I now recognize when I need to park this attitude and focus on being present and truly enjoy my husband and children!  I find children and teens are especially intuitive – they can sense our feelings and attitudes.  When I am not fully present, my kids KNOW it. Some people are very natural at BEING (and less natural at being productive) while others are by nature more productive and have to learn how to BE. There is no right /wrong to this, just different personality profiles and strengths.

For me – I had to learn how to BE; to slow down, enjoy the moment, “stop and smell the roses” (I’m sure many of you can relate!). It’s a great example of how our children can be incredible teachers for us, and this is one of the most valuable lessons they have taught me!

Tip #3: Discover 1-2 Hobbies

Do you have any core hobbies that help you to refuel? If not – I highly recommend that you use the summer to discover them! Taking time off in the summer is not very inspiring if we have nothing planned for that time. Research from Claremont Graduate University in California found that people will be most engaged in an activity or hobby that requires some level of activity and thinking, which makes sense – so try to find something that excites or inspires you to do more of it.

When I’m speaking at events I will often ask the audience for examples of what do they do to refuel? Unfortunately, the most common phrase I hear is “Well, I used to …” or, “When I was younger… “. The truth is that refuelling hobbies are critical for our overall well-being. So take a few minutes and jot down any hobbies that you used to do and enjoy (ex. painting, jogging, rock-climbing, dancing, biking, baking), and then prioritize some of those hobbies this summer. And if you can, try to do that hobby with your friends, your spouse or your kids.  Once you inject some fun into your life, just watch what happens to your mood, your emotional energy, and your creativity! The impact on your personal health, as well as the relationships around you, will demonstrate why the research tells us that taking time off is good for all of us, both at work and at home!

Your Leadership Coach
Dr. Karyn

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