Solution-Focused Coaching (Work | Home)


Our coaching is unique in that, depending on your needs, we can provide BOTH executive | team coaching & marriage | family therapy. Our solution-focused style is highly valued by our business & professional clients!


Executive Coaching

For Professionals, Business Leaders, Teams, Family Businesses & Global Organizations
Leadership starts with developing yourself before you can effectively lead others. So we have developed a full suite of leadership masterclasses and courses (Success Intelligence) to equip all levels of leaders.  For those that require a personalized approach, Executive Coaching is an effective way to pursue Leadership Development.  Within this area we have also developed a specialty of working with Family Businesses.
Our solution-oriented approach addresses relevant family dynamics and teaches practical leadership tools to create positive change. Dr. Karyn has also collaborated with professors from the renowned business school, The Wharton School to create customized programs to fit family business needs. We have worked successfully with some of the country’s largest family businesses, and have served clients from 17 countries and counting. 

Learn Practical Tools For:

Managing People
Personality Differences
Managing Multi-Generational Teams
Succession Planning
Managing Change
Driving Alignment
Building Emotional Intelligence
Team Communication
Leadership Development
Energy & Performance Management
Stress & Anxiety Management
Productivity & Delegation

Family Coaching

For Teens, Adults & Couples Across USA | Canada

We have built a thriving coaching practice for teens, parents and adults, providing services in person and remotely for over 25 years. We have successfully helped thousands of clients achieve their coaching goals with our empowering solution-oriented approach. While our family coaches are members with AAMFT (American Association For Marriage & Family Therapy) and Registered Psychotherapists (with Doctorates in Marriage & Family), our style is focused on skills-development. This educational approach works extremely well via phone for individuals and families who want tools to help them reach their personal and family goals.

Learn Practical Tools For:

Self-Esteem & Confidence
Career | Planning Direction
Anxiety, Stress & Anger
Self Harm
Time Management
Blended Families
Family | Relationship Conflict

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