It was an amazing course… we learned a lot about careers, not only what careers are best for us, but what industries

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are best to go into based on what is going to rise in demand and what types of skills you need to get into those industries….we learned a lot of information that actually means something! A lot of time these kind of programs are very general, this was more specific.  What was the most helpful was Karyn really explained that what you want in a Dream Career… is not only based on your personality and your skills, but what you value in life! I also found it helpful that the custom assessments gave so many options… it gave career ideas that I had never thought about before, and things I already had thought about and it put them together to create your Dream Career. This course is so helpful if you have no idea what you want to do or even if you have an idea but you’re still not 100% sure – you totally need to do it…  Karyn gives tons of tips on how to get into certain fields – a 10/10 I recommend it!

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