We met Dr. Karyn a handful of years ago – as a guest speaker at our annual conference. She was electric and simply pragmatic and

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so-much-so that many of our conference delegates asked about Dr. Karyn returning the following year. Well, that request from delegates came time and time again and 2019 marked the 6th time Dr. Karyn spoke at our annual conference! The last time she presented, she talked about something quite unique: an online program her team developed dubbed “Success Intelligence”. Wow…we were hooked! During the course of chats with Dr. Karyn and her team, we quickly recognized that this program was not only wonderfully suited for originally-intended corporations but too, for a host of employers. We were simply ecstatic about extending this opportunity to our First Nation and Indigenous employer clients! With a few months of monthly Masterclasses under our belts and we can say, categorically, this is a game-changer! We’re receiving wonderful feedback from our Success Intelligence-registered clients. The number of people attending Dr. Karyn’s monthly Masterclasses is growing by the month and already, we’re sensing this is something empowering and ground-breaking.

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