Recognizing and developing healthy leadership behaviours is a life long journey, but The Three Chairs accelerates your learning, and boosts

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your self-awareness to make that journey a more fruitful and enjoyable one. Having met Dr. Karyn about five years ago, and first learning about The Three Chairs, I have been fortunate to apply what I learned from her both at home and at work. For example, inside our company, we have applied the book’s principles to help us further develop a truly team-based culture, with our key leaders occupying the “middle chair” of confidence and equality, and developing future leaders and high-functioning, cross-functional teams across the organization, without silos. Whether your key challenges are more personal, family or organization focused, Dr. Karyn’s book equips you with the concrete tools you need to figure out “who — including yourself — is sitting in which chair” and then take the practical steps necessary to achieve greater success and fulfillment for you, your family or your team.

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