The definition of “leadership” is changing, and is now widely used not only in reference to our work lives, but also our private lives. Dr. Karyn’s

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novel depiction of the different styles of leadership based on The Three Chairs is simple, yet brilliant in its ease of applicability to all aspects of life. Within the first few pages, you will be able to place yourself on one of those chairs for each of your life’s different roles. With this understanding, and with the help of Dr. Karyn’s thorough explanations, you can take your first steps in repositioning yourself onto the appropriate chair, at the appropriate times. Dr. Karyn’s extensive breadth of knowledge in this area shines through in this book, by way of clear and thorough references to the current literature, real life examples from her work and practice, and of course, wise words that can only come from mastery of a subject. Bravo Dr. Karyn!

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