October 26, 2019 10:00 am - 3:00 pm 2175 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4C 1K4

Build Your Emotional Intelligence:
Improve Your Motivation, Time Management & Organizational Skills

94% Of Our Students Rate Dare To Dream As Excellent – Find Out Why!

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  • When: October 26th, 2019
  • Registration: Now Open – Click Here
  • Where: Toronto Office
  • Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
  • For: Teens (Grades 9-12)


  • Toronto Office – Regular Rate: $299/pp
  • Toronto Office – Early Bird: $249/pp
  • Additional Sibling / Parent: $99

Student Testimonials

  • This really inspired me! I learned things I never knew about that could help me in my future…making routines was the most helpful. Bedroom organizing was the most fun.

    MALE, AGE 15
  • Really inspirational! It was actually way more fun than what I thought it would be. I actually learned quite a bit – thank you! A 5/5!

    MALE, AGE 12
  • Great class on getting organized. Loved seeing my daughter so enthusiastic. I learned I need to change my routine better, manage my time and focus more on family time.

    PARENT, AGE 44
  • It was an enlightening experience that allowed me to see my goals and how they can be achieved.

    FEMALE, AGE 16
  • Loved it. Very practical! Dr. Karyn made the process very simple but inspiring.

    PARENT, AGE 48
  • Positive, introspective & productive. It was a great experience to share with my daughter. I enjoyed being able to take time to discuss these modules as a family.

    PARENT, AGE 51
  • It was fun and informative. I learned I can be more confident. I learned time management was most helpful!

    FEMALE, AGE 10
  • I learned that I thought I was organized but in reality I’m not at all. But I found it most helpful how to follow through with my goals and how to organize my day.

    MALE, AGE 14
  • It was a great event to help me organize my life and go about my dreams and goals… I learned that I am very capable but I need to become more organized.

    MALE, AGE 18
  • It was very inspirational and it has really motivated me to go for my dreams.

    FEMALE, AGE 13
  • Fun, focused & practical! Spending 5 hours as a family going through the session was amazing! I learned I’ve let priorities fall to the bottom and I’m reacting instead of leading and being proactive.

    PARENT, AGE 49

Registration Opens: September 12th

Small, 20-Person Class Size

Your Leadership Facilitator, Dr. Karyn

Your Leadership Classroom

Why Do Students (And Their Parents)
Love This Event?

Did you know that…

  • Only 23% of people are engaged & motivated in their life
    (Source: Globe & Mail)
  • Only 4% of people take the time to write down their goals
    (Source: Forbes)
  • 90% of successful / high performing people have high Emotional Intelligence
    (Source: Forbes)

Emotional Intelligence:
Includes many learnable skills such as motivation, taking initiative, goalsetting, time-management, organization, communication, confidence, decision-making, self-discipline, passion and overall emotion-management. All parents want their kids / teens to become successful and the leadership skills learned in Dare To Dream will benefit them not only for today, but for their entire lifetime!

In This Event, You’ll Dive Deep Into
Our 2 Step Process:

  • STEP #1:
    Create The 3-Year Vision
    In the morning, your kids / teens will articulate their dreams in 6 different areas of their life by creating a vision-board (a right-brain exercise). Parents attending with pre-teens (Grades 5-8) will be encouraged to complete all the activities throughout the day, so you can learn about yourself as you support your young dreamer!
  • STEP #2:
    Develop The Strategy To Support The Vision
    In the afternoon, all participants will create the plan to make their dreams a reality (a left-brain exercise). Dr. Karyn will walk everyone through the process of taking their “3-Year Vision” and breaking it down into achievable “mini-dreams” that are already within reach. Your kids / teens will learn how organizational skills greatly impact a person’s mood and motivation – along with habits to make organization easier! They will also learn why time management is essential to achieving dreams, and learn “success secrets” that will help them to maximize their time! All participants will leave the day with their own personal vision board and an energizing “Strategic Life Plan” that will become their personal road map to achieving success with their goals.

At any age, learning the “Success Skills” of Emotional Intelligence has the power to improve confidence, decrease stress and anxiety, and equip us to
achieve our dreams & goals!

We are looking forward to having you join our Dare To Dream event! Please note that due to our limited class-sizes, all tickets are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend, you may give your ticket to a friend, but we do require that you inform us of any changes. We are excited to inspire you to reach your dreams!

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