Bruxy Cavey

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Bruxy Cavey, author of the best-selling The End of Religion, is the Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House Ð one of Canada’s largest and most
innovative churches.

Bruxy’s engaging style and intelligent approach make him a popular guest on television, radio, and university campuses around the world. He regularly lectures at schools such as Messiah College in Pennsylvania and Tyndale Seminary in Toronto in addition to his in-depth series teachings. Together with a committed staff at The Meeting House, his vision is to create safe places for spiritual seekers to ask questions and develop a thoughtful faith.

Bruxy is an avid Blackberry fan and social media user. He loves to connect with anyone exploring Jesus, whether a seeker or skeptic, and to have honest and respectful dialog over a grande Caramel Macchiato.

He lives in Hamilton with his wife Nina, his three daughters, Chelsea, Chanelle and Maya, and a (very) big lovable dog.

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