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In 2001, Stephanie Joanne emerged into Toronto’s Fitness Industry and since then has worked as a Personal Trainer, Club Consultant, General Manager, Studio owner and everything in between.

She is undeniably paving a path of her own with her passion for awakening the public to healthy lifestyles and communicating her mission. Using a fearless approach, fierce business sense and a genuine desire to help others is the foundation for all of her success.

Stephanie’s philosophy for her clients is to stress balance integrating fitness, nutrition and mental well-being. In hopes of spreading her philosophy, she embarks on a journey of showing you how to love your body inside and out. Her formula consists of prescribing fitness and nutrition alongside making behavioural modifications while stressing that everyone should have a basic understanding of the human body and how it operates.

Her interest in fitness began in her early childhood where sports and an active lifestyle were naturally encouraged. Her love for competition and fitness led her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at York University in Toronto and she is always seeking to expand her knowledge with additional courses and certifications. Most recently, she has become very motivated to study the relationships between mental health and body image. Her love for people and passion for fitness created the genesis of her lifestyle brand, Stephanie Joanne Living, where clients can work with her worldwide through online coaching and motivation. Stephanie has formed a powerful community and campaigns her visions across various platforms including her most recent video series, The Naked Truth.

Stephanie has a natural dedication to help others succeed, not only in their personal fitness journeys but also their professional lives. She has been recognized for her relentless efforts to make a difference in the community, which has allowed her to also become a sought out Keynote speaker and trusted spokesperson at live events.

The list of accomplishments continues to grow for Stephanie. As one of the most respected female personal trainers in Toronto, Stephanie is always adding to her impressive roster of clients and is a go-to guru for the media.

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