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About Our Coaching / Psychotherapy Philosophy

For over 20 years, we have been building a thriving coaching / psychotherapy practice for teens, parents, adults & couples. Although we are based in Toronto, we use our solution-oriented educational approach to help clients around the world. Whether it’s in-person, by phone or through Skype – we love to teach solutions based on Emotional Intelligence. We believe that for individuals, marriages and families to thrive – we all need these fundamental skills, and they can be learned by anyone!

Passionate about inspiring change within marriages & families, and aware of the power that environment can have on overall emotional well-being, we designed our office as a New-York styled loft. We want our clients to feel inspired emotionally & environmentally!

Although our counselors are all Registered Psychotherapists (with Doctorates in Marriage & Family), our style is focused on coaching and skills-development. This practical approach works extremely well via phone and Skype, making marriage & family coaching / psychotherapy more accessible for busy families by eliminating travel time.

All you need is a phone or a computer, and a willingness to learn! Let’s get started!

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Whether In-Person In Our Creative Loft, Or By Phone / Skype,
We’d Love To Help!

About Our Marriage / Family Coaches
& Registered Psychotherapists

Andrew Blackwood

Andrew Blackwood
DMin, Registered Psychotherapist & Marriage / Family Coach
(In-Person, Phone Or Skype)

Andrew is passionate to equip people of all ages with the tools for effective relationships. During the last 15 years that Andrew has worked intimately with youth, parents and couples – he has seen that developing healthy relationships is the key to living a fulfilled & happy life. He has helped hundreds of families through all kinds of difficult situations, such as depression, anxiety, substance use, self-harm, stress, anger, self-esteem, abuse, criminal activity and overall parent / teen & relationship conflict. In addition to his extensive education, Andrew has also received additional training from Dr. Karyn Gordon on her coaching philosophy and effective solution-oriented techniques for teens, parents, couples & individuals. Andrew’s warmth, sense of humor, and easy-going personality have helped him to effectively connect with and coach people from every walk of life. Not only is Andrew an outstanding counselor, he is also a former modern dancer and holds a degree in classical Vocal Performance. Andrew is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters of Divinity (Counseling) and a Doctorate of Ministry (Marriage & Family), and is the author of the book The Art of a Genuine Apology.

Karyn Gordon

Karyn Gordon
DMin, Registered Psychotherapist & Marriage / Family Coach
(In-Person Or Phone)

Although Karyn started her busy practice specializing with young people (she has spent over 10,000 hours listening to teens and Gen Y’s), her practice today is equally balanced between young people, adults and couples. Her passion is creating and teaching practical tools to improve confidence, emotion management (reducing anxiety, depression, stress etc.), time management, organization, motivation, communication, emotional intelligence and overall career leadership. She is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Masters of Divinity (Counseling) and a Doctorate of Ministry (Marriage & Family) and the author of 4 books including Dr. Karyn’s Guide To The Teen Years. To read her full bio, click here.