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Maple Leaf Foods

We’re Making Meals Meaningful by providing 3 practical tips for parents to start conversations with their kids, all related to Success, Character & Emotional Intelligence. We are thankful to Maple Leaf Foods for sponsoring this initiative, and for demonstrating their passion to inspire meaningful conversations for families over the dinner table!

“As a parent, what is your #1 goal that you would like to achieve
before your kids finish adolescence?”

– Dr. Karyn

This is Dr. Karyn’s favorite question to ask her parenting clients around the world. Regardless of cultural or socio-economic background, the answers are strikingly similar. Most of her clients say: “I want my kids to be… confident, happy, passionate, resilient, goal-oriented, ambitious, decisive, wise, self-disciplined, independent, responsible, purposeful…”

It’s a simple (yet powerful) question that really helps us define our mission and values as parents. What most people don’t realize is that the character traits brought up as answers almost always fall directly under the umbrella of Emotional Intelligence – a set of character-building skills and habits that can be learned and applied by everyone.

How Can Parents Help Teach These Skills To Their Kids?