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Design The Relationship Of Your Dreams!

For High Performing Couples

Did you know that 99% of marriages have no plan to develop their marriage?  So we created the Marriage Mastermind – 
an adventurous and romantic experience
equipping high performing couples in their most important relationship!


Are You In The 7% Club?

Is your marriage living up to your dreams?

Unfortunately, research says only 7% of couples are thriving, and that is not surprising when you consider that only 1% of couples have a clear vision and strategic plan for their marriage success.

Perhaps you face similar obstacles to other high performing couples.
OR, maybe you just want to take your marriage to the next level!

What Blocks Many High Performing Couples From Thriving?

We’re soon-to-be empty nesters and don’t have a vision for our next chapter. We’ve been living parallel lives and lack connection.

We need a process, system and markers for a thriving relationship (the same way we track success for our business).

We have a lot of distractions,
and travel a lot. We feel overwhelmed and need a strategic plan to move forward!

My partner and I work together in our business – our relationship has become transactional – the romance is gone!

Most of our couple friends are struggling. We want to be coached and grow alongside other amazing couples who want to thrive.

We need tools to communicate
effectively, manage work stress and create a plan for relationship success.

 Great News – We Have An Amazing Solution!

If we have not yet been introduced, my name is Dr. Karyn Gordon.

For the last 25 years, I’ve worked with tremendous success as an international Leadership & Relationship Expert – coaching CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high performing couples to thrive at home and building engaged teams at work.  My most recent leadership book hit #2 on the Wall Street Journal and my TEDx Talk was one of the Top #10 Most-Watched (in the World!) for 2022. 

My amazing husband of 22 years (Dr. Brent Penner) and I are also business partners; together we co-founded DK Leadership: A Global Leadership Coaching Company, equipping thousands of leaders across 17 countries. We understand the complexity of building multiple successful, fast-growing businesses while raising kids AND STILL prioritizing a thriving relationship with each other!

We are in this with you!

Here is what we have learned professionally and personally…

High Performing Couples Need A Plan Or They Risk…

Living parallel lives and fearing being together as empty nesters.

Being tempted to have an affair because your needs are not being met.

Settling for a mediocre, less-than-great marriage.

Difficulty focusing on your business because of your relationship stress.

Feeling exhausted, disconnected and dis-satisfied in your marriage.

40-50% of couples divorce in their first marriage and 60% for second marriages.

If this topic is hitting a nerve, we would love to share our proven Relationship Roadmap™ with you, so you can be part of the “7% Club” of marriages that are thriving! It’s easier than you think!

Our unique ability is teaching systems and practical tools (based on leadership principles) to BOTH organizations and families.

While I’ve taught our systems to global CEO’s and couples over the last 25 years with enormous success, my husband Brent and I are thrilled to offer a unique Marriage Mastermind– as an exhilarating fun NEW way for a small group of like-minded couples to experience adventure and learn together over a 12-month period.

We’ll teach you what you need to know, and guide you through the process.

Why Do Couples LOVE The Marriage Mastermind?



You need a vision for your marriage and we’ve never thought of that. I teach churches, I teach leaders, but like, our marriage?

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Those streams didn't cross, and we emerged out of the weekend with a really great first draft of a vision statement and our values, which we've never written down as a couple before. So I think that's really going to help us navigate the next few decades... Having a retreat where we talk about a vision for our marriage and values and goals was just really timely for us. We've always individually set our goals and we share them with each other, but to have shared goals for our marriage is going to be super helpful ... If you look at a lot of high performing leaders, business leaders ... the very best people have the most coaches, and they're not hesitant to invest... This experience has been so healthy, very uplifting ... and so life giving!

Carey & Toni Nieuwhof
Speaker, Author & Podcaster
Carey Nieuwhof Communications

This was a very good investment, and it will continue to be a good investment... We invest a lot in business and in our life

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financially for the future, but we never really invested financially for our marriage for the future. And this was just an easy route to say, what do we have to lose? We only have a lot to gain... From this experience we have better understanding of each other and better communication. It’s been exciting to have the follow through (Monthly Coaching)... We're finding ourselves in a different stage of life and about to be empty nesters ... We feel we have a good marriage, so, it was kind of like, why do we need to do more to try to work on it? But at the same time, it can always be better, and we have always more to learn and always more to connect on and bring us together. And we want to be a good example for our children of a thriving marriage!

Devon & Amy Wolf
SDS Group (USA)


We highly recommend the Marriage Mastermind to all couples! The content and communication will deepen your relationship with your

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spouse regardless if you have been married a year, a decade, two decades... This program deepens your relationship and allows it to thrive at the highest level. You will forge a deep purpose together!

Dirk & Evonne Bak
SDQ Janitorial (USA)


The way Dr. Karyn teaches is really profound! We had experienced both kids leaving the house and she asked me – what was your empty nest plan?

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And I realized that I had planned for everything but had not planned for empty nest life... The Marriage Mastermind is very forward thinking, its very clear. And being with other entrepreneurs, many running businesses together, we see how normal we are. Having Dr. Brent be part of this program is incredibly important. His comments and observations were really profound – I really like how they are doing this together. Karyn is the knowledge base and Brent is the implementor – and having both of these brought together from a married couple is what makes this so unique!

Dr. Mindy Pelz & Sequoia Hall
CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Mindy Pelz Co. (USA)

I felt every single person opened up with us, they wanted to know our story ... I felt like we really were so valued, and fit in right away....

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A mastermind is built of people that are ready to give to each other, and that's what we experienced. We showed up and we said, "Any way that we can give and benefit other people, we'd love to do so", and everybody else showed up with that same attitude and because of that, our marriage is leaving better and everyone else who's leaving today, their marriages are also stepping away from this with a brighter future, which is incredible. So, we're so thankful for the format of what this was, we're so thankful for Karyn and Brent for putting this on.

Joey & Christy Speers
Creativ Rise

Just Imagine…

Understanding your partner more fully and feeling more alive with your spouse.

Feeling emotionally connected and aligned as a team with a clear vision!

Driving performance in your business, because your marriage is thriving!

Experiencing adventure and making memories together!

Role modelling for your kids (and grandkids!) how to build a THRIVING relationship.

Improving your physical intimacy, having more affection and SEX!

Your Marriage SUCCESS Is Waiting For You!

Luxury Retreat & LIVE Online



Design The Relationship Of Your Dreams!

For High Performing Couples

Marriage Mastermind Overview

This 12-Month Program Includes A Variety Of Dynamic Learning Experiences
Choose 1 Or All 5!

Luxury Romantic Muskoka Retreat

June 2024

  • Exclusive For ONLY 10 Couples 
    • Seeking A Romantic & Adventurous Retreat With Your Partner
  • Hosted At Shiloh: Our 9-Acre Luxury Leadership Retreat On Lake Joseph, Muskoka
    • Muskoka: Canada’s Premier Celebrity-Studded Destination (The Secret Hot-Spot North Of Toronto Featured in Toronto Life, Forbes, Architectural Digest & Hello Magazine)
    • Shiloh: Your Private Romantic Country Mini-Resort – Styled Modern Farmhouse & Includes 4 Stunning Buildings, Massage Cabana, Tennis Court, Archery, Basketball, Garden, Boathouse Lounge & Waterfront Activities – Nestled In Lush 9 Acres Of Countryside
    • Featured In Canada’s Prestigious Design Magazine Style At Home (Dec. 2023)
  • Retreat Mornings:
    • World-Class Teaching From Dr. Karyn & Dr. Brent On The Relationship Roadmap System™, Helping You Design A Thriving Strategic Plan For Your Marriage
  • Retreat Afternoon & Evenings:
    • Make Meaningful Memories In Curated Adventures With Your Spouse:  Cliff Jumping, Parasailing, Yoga, Meditation, Country Hikes, Archery, Massage ($), Cold Plunges, Red Carpet Photoshoot, Lake Joseph Boat Tour, Dancing Under The Stars & More!
  • Your Exclusive 3-Day Experience Includes:
    • Private Chef & All Meals
    • Elegant Onsite Accommodations In The Farmhouse Or Romantic Glamping Village
    • World-Class Leadership Sessions In The Barn
    • All Activities & Adventures
  • Limited Availability 
    • Secure Your Spot For A Transformative Experience Designed For High Performing Couples Who Want To Thrive In Their Most Precious Relationship

MM Monthly Group Coaching

LIVE Online (Monthly x 1-Hr) – Learn Over Lunch

  • Ideal For High Performing Couples Who Want A Thriving Relationship
  • Expert-Led By Dr. Karyn & Dr. Brent
  • Every Month, Dr. Karyn & Dr. Brent Will Guide MM Members Through The SI: Relationship Roadmap System™, Teaching Simple Tools To Help You Design The Relationship Of Your Dreams
  • Includes Learning One NEW Tool Each Month – Making Your Magical 12-Month Transformative Journey Simple, Energizing & Time-Efficient
  • Specifically You Will Learn Tools & A Proven System For:
    • VISION & CONFIDENCE: Designing Your Marriage Vision, Values & Goals, Prioritizing Adventure & Connection (While Also Creating Alignment With Business / Career Goals)
    • RELATIONSHIPS: Understanding Each Other (Personalities, Needs, Love Languages), Sex & Intimacy, Clarifying Roles & Accountability
    • DECISION-MAKING: Applying High Performing Time Management Habits, Hiring Family Support, Delegating To Kids / Teens & Finances
    • COMMUNICATION: Giving / Receiving Feedback & Problem Solving
    • STRESS & WELLNESS: Setting Boundaries, Strengthening Mindset & High Performing Marriage Wellness Habits

MM Peer Groups

MM Monthly Group Coaching

  • Ideal For MM Members Who Want To Go Deeper With The Content
  • Emotions Are Contagious, Which Is Why It’s Important For Thriving Couples To Surround Themselves With Others On A Similar SUCCESS Journey
  • These Optional Peer Groups Create Ongoing Inspiration & Accountability As Couples Learn & Apply The Tools Each Month

MM WhatsApp Group

Join A Community Of Like-Minded Couples
  • Ideal For MM Members Who Want To Belong To A Community With Other Growth-Minded & High Performing Couples
  • Optional / Exclusive For MM Members

1:1 Executive Coaching

Exclusive Access With Dr. Karyn

  • Ideal For MM Members Who Want 1:1 Exec. Coaching With Dr. Karyn
  • Additional Fees Apply
  • Optional / Exclusive For Our MM Members As Dr. Karyn Is No Longer Accepting New Clients

Success Intelligence (SI)

LIVE & On Demand 24/7

  • Optional Leadership Training
  • Ideal For MM Members Who Want Additional Leadership Tools To Apply To Their Business & Family
  • MM Members Received 2x SI Academy Professional Memberships
  • Includes: SI Training Platform, Masterclasses, Courses ($) & Q/A (Click Here For More Info)
  • Customize Your Roadmap – Learn What & When You Want

    Are You Ready To Design Your Dream Relationship?

    Is It Time To Invest Into Your Marriage? 

    We are often quick to spend thousands on our kids’ extracurricular activities, education, home renovations, and travel – but NOT into our marriage! When we prioritize our marriage – it benefits our family, kids, and business!

    Is 2024 the year to make a change and start investing into your most precious relationship?

    Let us teach you what you need to know in the fastest and most FUN energizing way!

    Don’t wait! Let’s make 2024 your year! If you have a growth mindset and are ready to take your relationship to the next level, apply today!

    👉 Accelerate Your SUCCESS Now! 👈

    We look forward to seeing you in the Marriage Mastermind!

      Apply Today!

      Marriage Mastermind

      For Only 10 Couples 

      By Application Only

      June 2024 – Dates TBD


      3-Day Luxury Retreat
      Hosted At Shiloh, Lake Joseph Muskoka
      All Meals & Accommodation
      World-Class Leadership & Relationship Teaching
      All Curated Adventurous & Romantic Activities

      MM Monthly Group Coaching (1 Year)

      MM Community & Peer Groups (Optional)

      Success Intelligence Academy: 2x Professional Licenses
      Includes: SI Training Platform, Masterclasses, Courses ($), Live Q&A
      (Optional Additional Leadership Training)

      Exclusive Access To 1:1 Coaching With Dr. Karyn
      ($ / Optional)

      A Magical, One-Of-A-Kind Experience With Your Spouse
      & An Incredible Like-Minded Community!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Don't Delete - Space-keeper

      Don’t Delete – Space-keeper

      I Think This Would Be Great For Our Marriage But We Have Little Time With Our Business / Traveling Commitments. What Are Your Suggestions?

      The Marriage Mastermind program is designed for high performing / business couples to help you design and achieve your marriage vision without overwhelming your schedule. The 3-day retreat is an incredible, energizing, fun and meaningful experience for couples – and the monthly coaching is just 1 hour per month (with optional additional training if you like). Each month you will learn 1 new tool – and have the month to apply it – so that the process is energizing and not overwhelming.

      Can You Quickly Summarize What We Will Be Learning?

      Over the 12 month program you will learn valuable tools and systems which will accelerate your marriage goals, reduce your stress and even create capacity for you to drive your business goals! Essentially, you will be learning our proven SI: Relationship Roadmap System™ applying strategic business principles to design and achieve your marriage vision.

      Will The Monthly Coaching Sessions Be Recorded?

      Yes! To maximize the program – we highly recommend that couples attend (if possible) the LIVE Online coaching sessions. However if you are traveling or unable to attend, you can access the recorded content at any time, even if you are traveling, working, or unable to join a particular month.

      Is This Marriage Therapy?

      No, this is a Marriage Mastermind. The couples attending have all been interviewed and are looking for a unique experience, and new tools that they can apply to their most precious relationship.

      MM Members: Who Are They?

      MM Members are incredible high performing couples (CEO’s, Senior Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Professionals) from across the USA and Canada, involved in many industries and family businesses. Some couples run companies together and others are senior leaders and professionals who are passionate to learn new tools for their relationship. Together all MM Members share a common experience – they understand the stresses of a demanding career, work travel, and raising a family, and  also have chosen to prioritize their marriage relationship.

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