High-Performing Professionals, Organizations
& Family Businesses Are Using Our
Individual Assessments & 360 Feedback

Need better employee data?

Let DK Leadership provide your assessments and evaluations to accelerate professional development & individual growth! Our passionate and highly skilled Executive Coaches will help you:

  • Learn to better understand yourself, your clients, and those you work with!
  • Maximize your performance and improve your leadership by analyzing your strengths as well as creating a strategic plan for growth!

We Offer The Following Individual Assessments:

The EQi 2.0
Leadership Report:

Know Your EQ Score

The EQ 360

Receive Feedback On Your Leadership

The Strong Interest

Identify Your Industry Passions

The Myers-Briggs
Type Indicator:

Understand Your Personality
& Those Around You

The Birkman

Understand Your Personality
In Depth

The StrengthsFinder

Discover & Build On
Your Strengths