Family Businesses & Global Organizations
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Our Philosophy

Executive Coaching

We believe that leadership starts with developing yourself first before you can effectively lead others. We have developed a full suite of Leadership Development Tools (Success Intelligencethat can be used by anyone to effectively enable their personal and professional growth.

For those who require a more personalized approach, Executive Coaching is an effective way to pursue Leadership Development.  Our individual clients choose from multiple assessments to identify particular areas of need, and we will tailor a coaching experience designed to address your specific goals. Our Executive Coaching will sharpen your Leadership Skills and help you to maximize your value to your organization!

We have clients from over 17 countries and our solution-oriented style is well-suited for busy executives via phone/ Zoom. We have different Executive Coaches to help you based on your needs, and we will strategically match you with the right coach.

Family Business

Within the area of Executive Coaching, we have developed a specialty in working with Family Businesses. These are truly unique systems and can be incredibly complex, which is probably why the statistics on family businesses are so poor (only 3% of family businesses survive into the 4thgeneration). Our approach will effectively address relevant family dynamics while also providing practical tools. We have worked successfully with some of the country’s largest family businesses in partnership with professors from the renowned business school, The Wharton School – creating customized programs to fit their family business needs.

Topics We Cover

Some of the topics for which we coach practical skills to executives, teams & family businesses include:

  • Managing People
  • Personality Differences
  • Managing Multi-Generational Teams
  • Succession Planning
  • Managing Change
  • Driving Alignment
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Energy & Performance Management
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Productivity & Delegation

We Offer The Following Individual Assessments:

The EQi 2.0
Leadership Report:

Know Your EQ Score

The EQ 360

Receive Feedback On Your Leadership

The Strong Interest

Identify Your Industry Passions

The Myers-Briggs
Type Indicator:

Understand Your Personality
& Those Around You

The Birkman

Understand Your Personality
In Depth

The StrengthsFinder

Discover & Build On
Your Strengths

Our Executive Coaches

Karyn Gordon

Dr. Karyn Gordon
Executive Coach
Specializing in Leadership Development, EQ & Team Engagement

Carla Wood

Carla Wood
Executive Coach
Specializing In Leadership & Business Growth Strategy

Catherine McCullough

Catherine McCullough
Executive Coach
Specializing In Organizational Relationships & Leadership Resiliency