High-Performing Family Businesses Are Using
Our 3-Part Curriculum & Expert Coaching
To Help Create A Legacy For Generations To Come

Family businesses make up 80% of companies worldwide!

Family businesses are truly unique systems that can be incredibly complex.

Just think…

  • What happens if certain family members don’t want to work in the family business?
  • What happens if children start working within the family business – but their work ethic is not up to expected standards?
  • What happens if your adult child wants to be the next CEO – but you suspect they are not qualified or lack certain skills for this role?

Mixing the boardroom table with the family dinner table is delicate work, which is probably why the statistics on family businesses are so poor!  Did you know that while 70% of business owners love the idea of passing their business onto their children – succession plans are rarely successful:

  • Only 30% of family businesses survive into the 2nd generation!
  • Only 12% of family businesses survive into the 3rd generation!
  • Only 3% of family businesses survive into the 4th generation!

So What’s The Solution?
Receive Coaching From The Best Of The Best!

Professors from The Wharton School (currently ranked the #1 business school in the world according to Business Insider Magazine), have collaborated with Dr. Karyn to develop and lead an Emotional Intelligence Training Program for family businesses. By combining the expertise of five industry experts, covering a 3-Part Curriculum, they work collaboratively with family business members to strengthen and ensure the success of the families involved, as well as their business interests!

Family businesses can participate in our entire 3-Part Curriculum or just parts of it, customizing the program to fit their family business needs.