The SI Training Program Is Like A “Leadership Toolbox”!
– Engaging, Practical & Customizable Training –
– Ideal For New Hires, Emerging Leaders, Managers & Senior Leaders –

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Research Indicates That
Only 10% Of Managers Are Properly Equipped For Their Role…
Let’s Change This Trend & Start Equipping Leaders
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Client Organizations Using Our SI Training Are Experiencing
The Following Measurable Results Within The First 3 Months:

  • Engaging
  • Practical
  • Live & Online Training Options
  • Customizable
  • High-Quality
  • Cost-Effective
  • Time-Efficient
  • Delivers Measurable Results

Testimonials About Success Intelligence

  • This program provides great tools for managing and leading people, many of which are common sense, and puts them in a user-friendly framework…

  • I think this program has helped me tremendously in a short amount of time to be more self-aware, to develop my self-leadership, and to improve my engagement in the workplace… It’s a perfect tool to evaluate yourself on dealing with your day to day work but also the people around you.

  • I appreciated that the program provided a lot of information that helped me to feel more engaged with my job. Also, the content motivated me to improve in several areas: communication skills, physical health, and stress management.

  • I want to share and let you know how much we value and appreciate DK Leadership and your Success Intelligence program! We are delighted that we decided to work with you and your team who truly put together an amazing program that has led to positive results for the company overall!

  • Very helpful to get people engaged and focused on improving the organization. The content was fantastic. Dr. Karyn knows her stuff… The leadership module really brought us together.

  • I loved it all! I think it’s so great that the impact of Emotional Intelligence is being studied and given hard numbers to back it up, and I love our company is invested in helping us grow so much… Love the content and length of videos. Powerful yet bite-sized!

  • Great platform for self-examination and future development… A lot of great information and suggestions given and explained succinctly. Very practical approaches to common areas of difficulty.

  • Very powerful, leading to positive programs surrounding communication to the company…Dr. Karyn’s energy is infectious and made others curious, leading to a deeper dive on EI.

  • Great program – ignited some good dialogue internally… Dr. Karyn provided great tools that are intuitive and can only help improve my managerial skill set… I thought this program overall improves our tool box as managers.

  • I found this program helpful as a new manager, learning to listen to my team members and giving them the tools they need to succeed… Easy to log-in, accessible 24×7 and on multiple platforms.


The Training Modules

We have over 20 training modules included within Success Intelligence, with more in development. The modules are organized into these 5 categories of Emotional Intelligence:

  • EQ Deep Dive: Communication & Feedback Skills
  • EQ Deep Dive: Attitude, Confidence & Goal-Setting Skills
  • EQ Deep Dive: Relationship, Inter-Generational & Personality Skills
  • EQ Deep Dive: Decision-Making, Time-Management & Performance Skills
  • EQ Deep Dive: Stress, Anxiety & Emotion-Management Skills

You have the choice to customize your organization’s training program, according to your desired needs and goals. To increase self-awareness, measure skills and track progress, every training module includes:

  • 10-15 Minute Video With 3 Simple Action Steps
  • Summary Handouts & Homework
  • Discussion Questions
  • Scorecards