It was a lot of fun. I learned things I’d never know before. This course will be helpful to me when I get older. I liked learning how I relate to others (my personality type and Myer-Briggs). This was just an awesome, fun course.

I found it very interesting how much my interests and strengths overlapped. I learned that my creative/artistic side is more important to my happiness than I originally thought.

I found it very inspiring and interactive. I enjoyed doing the two tests and seeing what careers work best for me…. The career energizer and EQ competitive edge were really cool!

Excellent course, covered everything I needed to know in order to find my dream career. I loved finding out about my personality type and how it plays a role into choosing a career to pursue. I learned that I need to be put in a workplace where I can help others (customer service star). I also really liked it when Dr. Karyn went over each person’s case and gave individual feedback.