Excellent – I loved it. I learned so much about time management, goal setting, and how my environment impacts my motivation. Thank you for a great day!

My daughter really loved the workshop. She wants to attend another one! What we noticed is she is more likely to do her piano practice without much reminder or none at all…getting along with her sister…room neater…doing her homework on her own…more responsible…thanks for a great workshop.

I wanted to thank you for whatever it was you said to our son, age 17, in your Dare to Dream seminar. He has been a different person ever since that day! We are already seeing positive results in his organizational skills, creative expression, communication, assertiveness, and willingness to help out around the house. He seems happier and more light-hearted. We are so glad we signed him up!

I learned a lot and got some useful tools for my lifetime that would have taken me much longer to learn myself…everything was helpful especially the part on time management.

A definite 5/5! This was excellent. I’ve been to many seminars but this was much more inspirational and practical than many others. Dr. Karyn empowered us with many useful tools that I can use personally but also professionally. Especially the part on time-management (wasters and savers) … I referenced your hand-outs on this with my management team and they loved them! Thank you for an insightful and meaningful day!

Dr. Karyn is a dynamic and engaging speaker who will have you “Daring to Dream” within the first five minutes of her seminar! Her one-day course is an amazing investment in your future, and it is an absolute must for anyone who desires to become the best version of themselves. Learn some practical, effective life tools to turn your dreams into realities – all in a fun, relaxed, and extremely creative setting. You are sure to leave this event inspired about the possibilities to improve your personal and professional life, and anxious to start applying the principles to your relationships and daily routines.


After hearing you speak about doing work on a schedule and having free time later she (my daughter) decided to complete an assignment very early. She noticed how relaxing her weekend was since her work was completed three days ahead of time… Your advice echoed what we have been suggesting, and so it validated our parenting. Thank you for your terrific work!!