Dr. Karyn’s keynote regarding raising children in the age of overindulgence was phenomenal. She is a dynamic speaker keeping us engaged the entire hour.  Her strategies are practical, and her delivery is hilarious. We LOVED her presentation!

Absolutely fantastic! Dr. Gordon’s advice is simple and sensible, consisting of strategies that parents can put into practice the second they return home. Her dynamic presentation style is fast-paced, interactive, and totally engaging. The 75 minutes flew by and she left us all wanting more.

I just wanted to tell you Dr. Karyn what a great impact your talk had on everyone at our Georgina Island Career Fair. Your message was loud and clear, and your movie, along with the skit, really helped us to process the message you shared with us.

Thank you for a fantastic presentation! It was such an insightful presentation as staff, students and parents really enjoyed the evening… you are inspiring and so authentic in your delivery and have passion for your topic!

Dr. Karyn is a dynamic professional who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of current research to help parents and educators prepare our children to thrive in our changing world…

We want to thank you for traveling from Southern Ontario to entertain, inform and inspire the audience of 1000 teachers & education staff … from the moment you took the microphone, you kept all our people alternately laughing or pausing to reflect on your message…

Input from students and staff indicate that it was a huge success… one student said that it was the BEST presentation that they’ve ever attended! Students say that the role-playing stuck in their minds, and that they will be able to remember key points as they think about their relationships!

Dr. Karyn’s session with teachers and parents was outstanding … it was a powerful and engaging session that helped us focus further on the needs of all our students and families that we serve.