It was well done and thorough! I have never done these assessments before, and it was interesting to see what my strengths are and how those relate to careers I would be good at.

I found it very interesting how much my interests and strengths overlapped. I learned that my creative/artistic side is more important to my happiness than I originally thought… It made me think about what I want to do and I found my Dream Job.

Well presented with very useful information! I most enjoyed the assessments as a way to look at a future career though the lens of ‘who am I’, ‘what do I love’ as opposed to ‘what should I be doing’ or ‘what choice do I have?’ It truly gave me the sense that I can use my skills & strengths…

It was a lot of fun. I learned things I’d never known before. I liked learning how I relate to others (my personality type). This was just an awesome, fun course.

Excellent course, covered everything I needed to know in order to find my dream career. I loved finding out about my personality type and how it plays a role in choosing a career to pursue… I also really liked it when Dr. Karyn went over each person’s case and gave individual feedback.

Loved all of it. So glad I brought my 2 teenagers. It was a great day to understand ourselves and each other.