My daughter really loved the workshop. She wants to attend another one! What we noticed is she is more likely to do her piano practice without much reminder or none at all…getting along with her sister…room neater…doing her homework on her own…more responsible…thanks for a great workshop.

I wanted to thank you for whatever it was you said to our son, age 17, in your Dare to Dream seminar. He has been a different person ever since that day! We are already seeing positive results in his organizational skills, creative expression, communication, assertiveness, and willingness to help out around the house. He seems happier and more light-hearted. We are so glad we signed him up!

I learned a lot and got some useful tools for my lifetime that would have taken me much longer to learn myself…everything was helpful especially the part on time management.

So much great content! Loved the attitude, affect and action part. This concept will really help me understand the conflict I have with some very important people in my life.

Very Informative. I found most helpful the Strong Interest Profile, Dream Career and Career Values. I learned three reasons why I do not like my current career.

It was a lot of fun. I learned things I’d never know before. This course will be helpful to me when I get older. I liked learning how I relate to others (my personality type and Myer-Briggs). This was just an awesome, fun course.