My daughter really loved the workshop. She wants to attend another one! What we noticed is she is more likely to do her piano practice without much reminder or none at all…getting along with her sister…room neater…doing her homework on her own…more responsible…thanks for a great workshop.

After hearing you speak about doing work on a schedule and having free time later she (my daughter) decided to complete an assignment very early. She noticed how relaxing her weekend was since her work was completed three days ahead of time… Your advice echoed what we have been suggesting, and so it validated our parenting. Thank you for your terrific work!!

Thank you for what you do. My daughter attended your workshop in November and it was a magical and powerful day in my opinion. When I picked her up she was so pumped… she loved it… best workshop ever…amazing… we talked about goals… mini goal setting and making things happen in life. The whole “Please clean your room” thing drove me crazy… I’m so thankful she heard you. She has been keeping her room consistently clean and tidy like never before… she told me that one of her goals was to get along better with me. To be specific she wanted “to have 3 calm conversations a week with my mother” she told me. I was so excited and touched that she wanted to take our relationship to a more peaceful and respectful level… thank you again!

Really inspirational! It was actually way more fun than what I thought it would be and actually I learned quite a bit – thank you!

This really inspired me! I learned things I never knew about that could help me in my future…making routines was the most helpful. Bedroom organizing was the most fun.