Luxury Retreat & LIVE Online

Women Entrepreneur Mastermind

Achieve Your Vision In Business, Relationships & Work-Life Balance

For Entrepreneurs, Senior Leaders
& Professionals

Did you know that 72% of entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed developing their business / career?  So we created the
Women Entrepreneur Mastermind (WEM) equipping females with a community, a proven system and tools to achieve their business vision!


Are You Thriving

As A Female Entrepreneur / Executive?

Are you reaching your business / professional goals?

Are you applying high performance best practices to prioritize self-care and maintain a work-life balance (mindset, exercise, nutrition, sleep)?

Are you part of a like-minded community filled with other successful and emotionally healthy women business leaders?

Unfortunately, research indicates the majority of women leaders are NOT thriving, but are barely surviving with 77% experiencing burnout!

What Do Women In Business Need To Thrive?

I need more … (vision, systems, organization, structure, sales, finance)… training to increase our competitive edge.

I need to develop mindset (confidence), business development, networking, scaling, marketing and social media skills.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely. I’d like to network with like-minded, successful women who understand the challenges I’m facing.

I want to learn how to attract reliable talent, build culture, and communicate effectively, so I can lead and support an amazing team.

I want to figure out a healthy work-life balance, prioritize exercise, sleep and time for myself (currently I have none).

I need to learn time management, learning how to delegate, so we can spend our finite time on work that drives the 80%.

Great News – We Have An Amazing Solution!

If we haven’t met before – my name is Dr. Karyn Gordon.

For the last 25 years, I’ve worked with tremendous success as an international Leadership & Relationship Expert. I’ve coached global CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high performing teams across 17 countries, in all industries, to drive their business goals, increase productivity, strengthen their relationships AND lower their stress. YES, it’s possible!

My most recent leadership book hit #2 on the Wall Street Journal and my TEDx Talk was one of the Top #10 Most-Watched (in the World!) for 2022. 

In 2021 and 2022, I was nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award.  I understand the complexity of growing multiple businesses while raising kids (our twins are 16), and still prioritizing my marriage, family and wellness.

I am in this with you!

And here is what I’ve learned professionally and personally …

TOP #10 World’s Chart
Most Popular TEDx Talk Speaker (2022)

Women Business Leaders Need A Strategic Plan Or Risk…

Experiencing burn out, high stress or exhaustion.

Being physically and mentally depleted, which negatively impacts your interpersonal relationships.

Getting stuck working “IN” not “ON” your business and missing opportunities to profit.

Experiencing productivity, engagement and communication challenges which waste time and energy.

Feeling lonely, isolated or insecure
and that no one understands

Feeling overwhelmed, ignoring your top priorities and becoming reactive to others’ demands.

If this topic is hitting a nerve, we would love to share our proven Success Intelligence: Implementor System™ with you, so you can THRIVE in your role as a women business leader.

Our unique ability is teaching systems and practical tools (based on leadership principles) that benefit leaders BOTH in their business AND personal life.  It’s easier than you think!

While our company, DK Leadership, has taught our tools and systems to global organizations over the last 25 years with enormous success, I am thrilled to offer our unique Women Entrepreneurship Mastermind (WEM) – as an ENERGIZING way to create a community of like-minded women leaders, learning together over a 12-month period.

Just Imagine…

Clarify your business vision, establish your values and grow your revenue
over the next 12 months.

Learn a proven business system and leadership tools, accelerating growth across your teams.

Be part of a like-minded community of amazing business leaders and trailblazers who share your values.

Become equipped with the confidence to navigate difficult situations and make wise decisions.

Be mentally stimulated, spiritually aligned, and physically / emotionally energized as you grow your business.

Learn simple high-performance tools to maximize your time, driving productivity and reducing your stress.

Your SUCCESS Is Waiting For You!

Luxury Retreat & LIVE Online

Women Entrepreneur Mastermind

Achieve Your Vision In Business, Relationships & Work-Life Balance

For Entrepreneurs, Senior Leaders
& Professionals

Women Entrepreneur Mastermind Overview

This 12-Month Program Includes A Variety Of Dynamic Learning Experiences…
Choose 1 Or All 8!

WEM Monthly Group Coaching

LIVE Online (Monthly x 1-Hr) – Learn Over Lunch!
  • Ideal For Women Entrepreneurs, Senior Leaders & Professionals
  • Expert-Led By Dr. Karyn Gordon
  • Every Month, Dr. Karyn Will Guide WEM Members Through A Proven Process, Called The Success Intelligence (SI): Implementor System™, Teaching Simple Tools To Help You Achieve Your Vision In Business, Relationships & Well-Being
  • Includes Learning One NEW Tool Each Month – Making Your Transformative Journey Simple & Energizing
  • Specifically You Will Learn Tools & A Proven System For:
      • VISION & CONFIDENCE: Simplifying & Clarifying Your Business Vision, Values & Goals (While Also Creating Alignment With Personal Life Goals)
      • RELATIONSHIPS: Clarifying Roles, Accountability, Understanding Differences, Networking, Marketing & Social Media
      • DECISION-MAKING: Applying High Performing Time Management Habits, Delegating, Scaling & Finances
      • COMMUNICATION: Communicating Across Teams, Giving / Receiving Feedback & Problem Solving
      • STRESS & WELLNESS: Setting Boundaries, Strengthening Mindset & High Performance Wellness Habits
    • Last Thursday Of Every Month @ 11:30am EST (Recorded If You Miss It!)
    • Just Sign Up, Relax & Learn Over Lunch

    WEM WhatsApp Group

    Join A Community Of Like-Minded Women
    • Ideal For WEM Members Who Want To Belong To A Community With Other Growth-Minded & Ambitious Women
    • Exclusive / Optional For WEM Members

    1:1 Executive Coaching

    Exclusive Access With Dr. Karyn

    • Ideal For WEM Members Who Want 1:1 Exec. Coaching With Dr. Karyn
    • Additional Fees Apply
    • Exclusive / Optional For Our Mastermind Members As Dr. Karyn Is No Longer Accepting New Clients

    Success Intelligence (SI)

    LIVE & On Demand 24/7 

    • Optional Additional Leadership Training
    • Ideal For WEM Members Who Want To Go Deeper 
    • WEM Members Receive 1x SI Academy: Professional Membership
    • Includes: SI Training Platform, Masterclasses, Courses ($) & Q/A (Details Below) 
    • Customize Your Roadmap – Learn What & When You Want

      SI Training Platform

      On Demand 24/7

      • Optional Additional Leadership Training
      • Ideal For Group Lunch N’ Learns, Mentoring & ERG’s That Need High-Quality Leadership Content
      • HR-Led Or Self-Led
      • Includes #50+ x 10-Min. Modules & Learning Materials
      • Free & Unlimited For WEM Members
      • Customize Your Roadmap – Learn What & When You Want

        SI Masterclasses

        LIVE Online (Monthly x 1-Hr) – Learn Over Lunch!

        •  Optional Additional Leadership Training
        • Ideal For Individuals Or Teams
        • Expert-Led By Dr. Karyn & Co-Founder Dr. Brent
        • Learn Broad Simple SI Tools (“Mastering Feedback“) & Q/A
        • Last Thursday Of Every Month @ 1pm EST
        • Free & Unlimited For WEM Members Just Sign Up, Relax & Learn Over Lunch

          SI Monthly Group Q&A 

          LIVE Online (Bi-Monthly x 30-Min)

          • Optional Additional Leadership Training
          • Ideal For Individuals Or Teams 
          • Expert-Led By Dr. Karyn
          • Ask Dr. Karyn ANY Question About The SI Tools As They Relate To Your Business, Leadership, Marriage, Parenting & Mental Health Goals
          • Free & Unlimited For WEM Members 
          • Just Sign Up, Relax & Learn Over Coffee

            SI Courses

            LIVE Online (4 Wks x 1-Hr) – Learn Over Lunch!

            • Optional Additional Leadership Training
            • Ideal For Individuals Seeking CE Credits Or Certificate
            • Expert-Led By Dr. Karyn & Co-Founder Dr. Brent
            • Learn Specific Simple SI Tools (“Developing Great Managers”)
            • 4 Business + 2 Family Course Options – Click Here For More Info
            • WEM Members Only Pay Admin Fee $79 PP Per Course (Value $499 PP)
            • Just Sign Up, Relax & Learn Over Lunch

            Upgrade Your WEM Experience

            Coming In Spring 2024

            Luxury Muskoka Retreat

            June 2024 (Optional Upgrade)

            • Exclusive For WEM Members
              • Seeking An Inspiring & Rejuvenating Retreat With Your Like-Minded Community Of Ambitious Female Leaders
            • Hosted At Shiloh: Our 9-Acre Luxury Leadership Retreat On Lake Joseph, Muskoka
              • Muskoka: Canada’s Premier Celebrity-Studded Destination (The Secret Hot-Spot North Of Toronto Featured in Toronto Life, Forbes, Architectural Digest & Hello Magazine)
              • Shiloh: Your Private Country Mini-Resort – Styled Modern Farmhouse & Includes 4 Stunning Buildings, Massage Cabana, Tennis Court, Archery, Basketball, Garden, Boathouse Lounge & Waterfront Activities – Nestled In Lush 9 Acres Of Countryside
              • Featured In Canada’s Prestigious Design Magazine Style At Home (Dec. 2023)
            • Retreat Mornings:
              • World-Class Teaching From Dr. Karyn On The Success Intelligence: Implementor System™, Helping You Clarify & Achieve Your Vision For Business & Life
            • Retreat Afternoon & Evenings:
              • Curated Adventures With Fellow WEM Members:  Yoga, Meditation, Country Hikes, Archery, Massage ($), Cold Plunges, Red Carpet Photoshoot, Lake Joseph Boat Tour & More!
            • Your Exclusive 3-Day Experience Includes:
              • Private Chef & All Meals
              • Elegant Onsite Accommodations In The Farmhouse Or Luxurious Glamping Village
              • World-Class Leadership Sessions In The Barn
              • All WEM Activities & Adventures
            • Limited Availability
              • Secure Your Spot For A Transformative Experience Designed For Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders

            Are You Ready To Achieve Your Vision?

            Is It Time To Invest Into YOU?

            We are often quick to spend thousands on our teams, family, home renovations, and travel – but NOT on ourselves as leaders or business development!

            Let me teach you our simple leadership tools and ONE proven system which will accelerate your business, strengthen your relationships (at work and home) and prioritize your well-being.

            Is 2024 the year to make a change and start investing into YOU?

            I will teach you what you need to know in the fastest and most FUN energizing way!

            Don’t wait, act today! Let’s make 2024 your year!

            👉 Accelerate Your SUCCESS Now! 👈

            I look forward to seeing you in WEM!

              Apply Today!

              WEM Membership

              $200 (USD) x 12 Monthly Payments
              $2,000 (USD) 1 x Annual Payment


              WEM Monthly Group Coaching

              WEM Community & Peer Support

              SI Academy Professional License
              Includes: SI Training Platform, Masterclasses,
              Courses ($), Live Q&A
              (Optional Additional Leadership Training)

              Exclusive Access To 1:1 Coaching With Dr. Karyn
              ($ / Optional)

              WEM Luxury 3-Day Retreat

              For Only 20 WEM Members

              By Application Only

              Investment – TBD

              June 2024 – Dates TBD


              3-Day Luxury Retreat
              Hosted At Shiloh, Lake Joseph Muskoka

              All Meals & Accomodation

              World-Class Leadership Teaching

              All Curated Activities & Relaxation

              An Unforgettable, Energizing Experience With Your
              A-MAZING Like-Minded Community!

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Don't Delete - Space-keeper

              Don’t Delete – Space-keeper

              I Need This Program But Have No Time. What Are Your Suggestions?

              WEM’s program is designed to drive your performance without overwhelming your schedule. Each session is just 1 hour per month, with optional additional training if you like. You will learn valulable systems which will accelerate your business and reduce stress, all conveniently during your lunch break!

              The Coaching Is Mid-Day When I’m Working - Will There Be Any Evenings Or Weekends?

              All our LIVE coaching sessions are scheduled during the day, specifically over lunchtime at 11:30 am EST. We’ve intentionally chosen this time, making it time-efficient to learn over lunch!

              Will The Monthly Coaching Sessions Be Recorded?

              Yes! Every monthly session will be recorded and posted on the secure WEM Platform. This way, you can access the content at any time, even if you are traveling, working, or unable to join a particular month.

              I’m A Solopreneur – Will This Program Help Me?

              Absolutely! This program is tailored to support solopreneurs like you. You will gain access to transformative yet simple tools and a proven process to clarify and achieve your vision in business and life. Additionally, you’ll learn how to implement efficient systems to help your business grow and scale successfully!

              I Lead A Large 500+ Employee Company - Will WEM Benefit Me?

              Absolutely! WEM Members who lead larger organizations will gain valuable tools and systems that will help them accelerate their business and personal goals. Also, if you have an assistant or HR manager, you can teach them what you are learning OR have them also join as a WEM Member so they can learn alongside you, and accelerate company-wide implementation of the system.

              WEM Members: Who Are They?

              WEM Members are remarkable, ambitious women ranging from 25 to 60 years from across the USA & Canada. They are entrepreneurs, senior leaders, professionals and trailblazers. The community is diverse, including women transitioning from one career to start a new business as well as seasoned entrepreneurs with over 500 employees. They represent various industries such as law, real estate, insurance, design, healthcare, finance, retail, coaching, manufacturing, family foundations, and more. Regardless of their background, all WEM Members share a common mindset: the desire to grow their business,  develop their career, and prioritize their well-being within a vibrant, thriving community!

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