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We all want to be great leaders who are confident, productive, and highly energized. But if you don’t learn foundational leadership skills, research shows you will face problems with communication, performance, engagement, and employee retention. The stakes are high. How can you quickly learn essential leadership skills?

The Three Chairs provides a proven leadership framework to transform anyone’s ability to lead others. It’s the simplicity of this model that has led to this book reaching #2 on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and #1 Amazon’s bestselling lists.  My unique approach will show you how to:

  • Identify great leadership
  • Master communication
  • Enhance proper goal-setting
  • Improve decision-making
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Increase employee engagement

Learn simple tools you can easily apply at work and home that get results for everyone from CEO’s to students. Understand yourself more clearly, engage more deeply with others, and equip yourself to be a confident, great leader!

Why Do People LOVE The Three Chairs?


This amazing book is loaded with insights, ideas and strategies that you can use immediately to become the Leader in your field.

Brian Tracy
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Dr. Karyn Gordon has written a must-read book for anyone wanting to develop great leadership skills both as an individual

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or as a development tool to support your team to build core skills of great leaders. The Three Chairs hooked me from the start with its engaging storytelling, scientific research and abundant actionable tools.

Erin Lukie
Senior Global Director
Young Presidents' Organization (YPO)

Dr. Karyn is an incredible force for good when it comes to leadership, communication and building high performance teams.

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The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance and Engagement is a must read for leaders seeking to implement and an integrated, authentic and effective management process in their organizations, for their high performance teams and in their personal lives in a changing world.

Scott O’Neil
Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

Dr. Karyn's concept of The Three Chairs is brilliant in its simplicity. The way she applies it to leadership skills everywhere from

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the classroom to the boardroom shows her strong grasp of how leaders are not born, they are made.

Michael Gelman
Executive Producer
“LIVE with Kelly and Mark”

This most important, exceptional book will clarify your path forward to becoming a better leader. Dr. Karyn Gordon is THE expert you want

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to be working with, and learning from, as you grow your capability. It’s a must read to accelerate your success as a communicator, increase your productivity, and drive engagement.

Courtney Lynch
New York Times Bestselling Author
"Spark: How to Lead Yourself"

Dr. Karyn's insights on leadership are fresh, timely, and critical for everyone trying to become better leaders. Her Three Chairs

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framework is helpful context for anyone trying to communicate to colleagues and teammates, and also for understanding yourself. I'll definitely be referencing this book and the lessons found within during my one-on-ones!

Andy Yang

High-performance teams and organizations know that success isn’t achieved by accident. Success requires intention and commitment

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from top-to-bottom in the organization, and to set that tone in the culture is the job of leadership. Dr. Karyn understands this perfectly, and articulates the lessons successful leaders know and how they apply them in their families and organizations. Any reader looking to improve as a leader will find Dr. Karyn’s book both fascinating and helpful.

David Hopkinson
President Team Business Operation
MSG Sports

Dr. Karyn Gordan is a fantastic coach who has an understanding and empathetic approach. It's great to see her bring these skills to

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organizational leadership. Anyone who reads this book will find her insightful guidance timely and invaluable.

Desiree Dancy
Chief Diversity Officer & VP

Recognizing and developing healthy leadership behaviours is a life long journey, but The Three Chairs accelerates your learning, and boosts

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your self-awareness to make that journey a more fruitful and enjoyable one. Having met Dr. Karyn about five years ago, and first learning about The Three Chairs, I have been fortunate to apply what I learned from her both at home and at work. For example, inside our company, we have applied the book’s principles to help us further develop a truly team-based culture, with our key leaders occupying the “middle chair” of confidence and equality, and developing future leaders and high-functioning, cross-functional teams across the organization, without silos. Whether your key challenges are more personal, family or organization focused, Dr. Karyn’s book equips you with the concrete tools you need to figure out “who — including yourself — is sitting in which chair” and then take the practical steps necessary to achieve greater success and fulfillment for you, your family or your team.

Paul Goddard
Pizza Pizza Limited

Family businesses are a speciality and Dr. Karyn’s The Three Chairs is the ideal resource. Her knowledge of family systems

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and organizational systems gives her a unique speciality in this arena – and her latest book is a must-read for all family businesses who want to develop great leadership both in their businesses and their families.

Janice A. Ruddock
Executive Director
Centre For Family Business

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